What is A Bad Omen in Minecraft?

A black cat crosses your way or it rains on your wedding day? And now you have a bad feeling that your bad omen arriving? Hey miners! Ever experienced “Bad omen” in Minecraft? How would you face it? How would you identify it? How will you get rid of it? What will be the cause of it?

bad omen in minecraft

Do not worry! We will discuss What a bad omen is in Minecraft, and after reading this you will learn how to deal with this problem which is right on your back. 

Bad Omen in Minecraft:


The Bad Omen effect was first introduced in the game with the Village & Pillage update in Minecraft. This was one of the biggest updates in Minecraft as it changed the entire meta and introduced villagers that could trade with villagers and provide you with some of the most overpowered items without grinding and looking for them into the never-ending world of Minecraft, But with good, there is always bad and when the villagers were introduced their enemies were also released in the update. These Illagers are the worst enemies of the villagers and are always thirsty for their blood.

The bad omen’s potency determines when a raid spawn and the player kills the illager captain or a bad omen status effect can also be acquired if the minecraft players attack an illager outpost and kill the illager captains

illagers raid villages when an afflicted player enters that village.

bad omen effect

Here is a video of the trailer that Mojang released for the Villager and Pillager Update

A bad omen effect is a negative effect that occurs when you kill the leader of the illager, and that bad omen causes a raid on the village where you are staying/trading. By drinking milk you can remove this effect. Even if you have one villager near you this is enough to trigger a raid. 

bad omen

Causes of bad omen in Minecraft:

A bad omen can be easily triggered by killing the leader of the illagers, it may be the outpost illager captain or the illager captain on a patrol (small group of pillagers roaming near your base) who will be holding a banner above their head. Whenever a player or a tamed wolf kills the outpost or patrol caption this will result in a bad omen.

Causes of bad omen in Minecraft:


When a player with a Bad omen effect enters/stays in a village; he causes a raid to occur. When a raid begins, a raid progress bar will start appearing on the top of your screen. and suddenly a group of witches, ravagers, pillagers, evokers, vindicators will rush towards the player who has the bad omen effect. Whereas, the raiding bar will decrease with the number of hostile mobs killed by the player. The remaining progress bar will show you how many of those illager members are left to be killed to make the Raid end.

raids in minecraft

Levels of bad omen status effect:

There are bad omen status effects in Minecraft:

  • Bad Omen I
  • Bad Omen II
  • Bad Omen III
  • Bad Omen IV
  • Bad Omen V
  • Bad Omen VI

The raid waves depend on these levels the higher the bad omen level the more waves you have to face. The maximum amount of waves that can happen is eight waves but normally you might only face four waves to six waves but if you are super lucky you can become the hero of the village with just two waves as well

raid eight wave

Particles effect:

Once you or your tamed wolf kill the raid captain it triggers the bad omen status. In addition, you can identify if the status effects coming toward you is a bad effect, Some particles will be seen floating on your screen, and if you will be using the latest version of Minecraft these particles will appear green, And this logo will appear on the right corner of your screen. 

particles effect

Duration of Bad Omen:

The duration of Bad Omen depends on the player, to check out the duration left, you can move towards your inventory menu. The right corner will show Bad Omen and just as below a time limit. It should be noted that it can also last for about 1 hour and 40 minutes

How to Remove Bad Omen?

To get Rid of the bad omen effect you need to drink a bucket of milk from either a cow or mushroom or a goat. No other mob provides you with milk in Minecraft. when you drink milk ends any sort of bad effect on you including the bad omen. Although once a raid is started due to the bad Omen effect it will only end when all the villagers are killed and you are defeated or you become the hero and save the villagers from the raid by killing all the hostile mobs that are taking part in the raid.

How does the level increase of Bad Omen?

The number of times you or your tamed wolves kill an illager patrol captain (the one holding the ominous banner) in a short period of time depends on the level of the bad omen status effects, which can go up to level IV


  • If the player leaves the village during the raid, gets rid of Bad Omen, and returns to the village. This does not affect the raid.
  • You will receive Bad Omen if you will indirectly kill the patrol caption. For eg, burning with the lava, drowning, explosions, or even suffocation. You can also use firework shots from a crossbow to kill a captain.


Does an ongoing raid end if I leave the village?

No, If the player triggers a raid now it is up to him to stop it by killing all the raid mobs. But if He/She fails to save the village, the only way to get rid of the status effect is when all the villagers are killed.

Leaving a village while the illagers are still attacking is in fact a much worse decision since even if you have left the village and you remove bad omen or other status effects when you return to the village after some time and after attacking some illager outposts and killing the outpost captain will only trigger another war with extra wave bar on your screen. Now you will have to deal with two completely different raids at the same place due to different bad omens.

What is the use of “hero of the village”?


The status effect Hero of the Village is one of the best opportunities to earn some profit in trades. Whenever you save a village from a Pillager attack, You get the status effect of “Hero of the village” and now the villagers will provide you with massive discounts on all their items no matter how rare it is, for example, a Tool-smith normally trades enchanted weapons for almost 15-32 Emeralds but with a higher status effect, he can provide you a discount of up to 55% on enchanted weapons.


bad omen

To sum things up, a bad omen in Minecraft is a negative status effect that can be removed by drinking milk or dying or any other convenient method like drinking a bucket of milk. A Bad omen effect always causes a raid if not acted quickly. You can see particles floating on your screen and a Bad omen logo on the right corner to identify it. Importantly, When these particles disappear it would mean the effect has gone. It can even last up to 1 hour and 40 minutes, Hence, to check your left time you can use the inventory menu. You can also remove this effect by drinking a bucket of milk. The level of Bad Omen increases due to other players entering the village with Bad Omen. 

So, miners go find a village and be the hero by saving all the villagers from the pillagers.

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