The 10 Best Minecraft Survival Servers in 2023

Playing Minecraft single-player mode is a good way to enjoy the game. You can learn the basics and understand that there are so many ways to survive and build.

If you need help with understanding the game basics, you can always refer to our beginner’s guide.

While playing Minecraft on single-player is fun, there are far more things you could do if you had joined a multiplayer server.

The Minecraft survival servers often can offer a much better gaming experience as they use shaders, better textures, and even their own server plugins.

Best Minecraft survival servers

If you want to get your hands on good Minecraft servers for survival, then you can safely continue to check our list, as we will include the most popular server, with the best options for you.

LemonCloud (IP:


LemonCloud is an advanced Minecraft survival server for enthusiasts. LemonCloud is an advanced network, which offers newbies various game modes and a great experience.

You can choose between their creative survival, factions, and even towny mode, which will let you start your survival adventure.

Not to mention that if you like minigames in Minecraft servers, you can totally enjoy their various minigame modes and “relax” while battling with other players.

In LemonCloud the rarest thing you’ll find is paid players, who own the non-paying ones. LemonCloud isn’t a pay2win type of network, so you can enjoy their servers worry-free.

OPBlocks (IP:


OPBlocks is an advanced survival SMP network, which features the best content in Minecraft. They are also well-known for their Prison server, which receives an active community of 300+ players per day.

The OPBlocks survival world lets players come in close contact with other players, trade with each other, and have a helpful staff, which is always online to answer your questions.

As a personal preference, the OPBlocks pixelmon game mode is one of the best things you can ever find on a Minecraft server.

The higher amount of players, which come to OPBlocks, are actually there for either the survival or the pixelmon adventure.

MC-Complex (IP:


MC-complex is an advanced server for survival enthusiasts, which features the towny plugin and brings players to a more friendly and active community.

Their survival world not only offers friendly staff and a huge active player base, MC-Complex also features the vanilla survival, along with PvE content. This content may require you to have a PvE Team in Minecraft.

While they have one of the top servers for survival in Minecraft, they are also well-known for their advanced SkyBlock worlds.

While the classic SkyBlock was a trend, MC-Complex worked hard on improving it and bringing more joy to the skyblock community.

PikaNetwork (IP:


PikaNetwork is more of a minigame-based server, rather than a survival one, but they do have a huge player base.

They mainly feature their wide variety of minigames, such as skyblock, skywars, bedwars along with their own special mode, which is called manhunt.

PikaNetwork works great for both premium and cracked Minecraft clients, with no age requirements and super helpful staff.

If you want to have the best times of your life in PikaNetwork, then you should definitely try their PvP content. The arenas are professionally made and require some skill to dominate on them.

You may want to create a PvP team for fighting against other players, as some of them are active since the beginning of the server.

SuperEpicGaming (IP:


SuperEpicGaming is a Minecraft survival server for people, who aim to play in vanilla format, but with some modifications.

While it may not be exactly vanilla, they do with their players to advance just like in the single-player worlds.

If you wish to find attractive content from SEG, you can try their game modes out. They do have cool bedwars and skyblock maps, which can keep you hooked on their server.

TheArchon (IP:

TheArchon 10 Best Minecraft Servers for Survival in 2022

If you are looking for the best Minecraft survival content, TheArchon can give you everything you need.

With their advanced plugins for survival, every Minecraft player can enjoy a stable economy server with many items and special ranks, which can be obtained through donations.

While the server receives a large number of donations, it was never based or will be giving paid players a head start in the game.

If you wish to explore a bit more of what TheArchon can offer you, they have a great Prison server and also the skyblock mode.

MineLand (IP:


MineLand is an all-in-one Minecraft survival server packed with minigames. They have all the minigames included and have many videos on how popular streamers show off in them.

Mineland is a great server for survival, which also offers the newbies a creative mode, so they can enjoy a peaceful land, on which they can do whatever they want.

If you are a builder, you can spend some time checking cool designs for builders and start doing them in your own claimed parcel in Mineland.

Jartex Network (IP:


Jartex Network is a multi-purpose Minecraft server, which offers survival and various game modes.

It is so popular and attractive, that you will never see fewer than 2000 players online.

With the survival that Jartex offers, you can find many traders and advanced players, who would be glad to help out in your adventure.

You will be excited to see how many items they place in auctions and how many players are actually donating money to open crates.

In Jartex Network you will never be bored, as it is one of the top 10 Minecraft servers for survival.

Vortex Network (IP:


Vortex Network is a unique Minecraft server perfect for survival, which is based mainly on the survivability and skills of the players.

They do have voting crates and donation perks, but they mainly recommend you to start off with the basics and learning curve of the server.

If you choose to start in Vortex, you will see a huge amount of players crafting and exploring, while a small amount of them is willing to trade items.

Just like in any other server, Vortex Network has minigames and special worlds, in which you can chill or have a competitive match against your enemies.

MineSuperior (IP:

MineSuperior 10 Best Minecraft Servers for Survival in 2022

MineSuperior isn’t like the other Minecraft survival server. It is kind of different and calm in the player base. If you are feeling overwhelmed by too many players, don’t worry.

MineSuperior is calm and the chat isn’t on fire like the other servers.

To be precise, MineSuperior has a friendly community, with the Towny plugin and enhanced economics, to make your survivability even better.

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