New Combat COMING! Download the Special Snapshot To Help Test It

A lot of you are going to want to check this out: Mojang just released a custom snapshot of Minecraft Java Edition with the new combat mechanics available for testing.

Over on Reddit, “Chief Creative Officer” u/jeb_ made a post detailing the reasons why combat needed an overhaul, along with a download link for curious testers to grab and give the earliest versions of this new combat system a spin. You can even get the server files and try PvP with friends!

These are critical times as Mojang hears out what the community has to say regarding the future of combat in Minecraft. If combat is an important part of Minecraft for you, or if you’re a server owner and are curious about the future changes that could affect your community, head to the link at the button below and read through what jeb_ has to say.

Important Note:

Installation is not as simple as with other snapshots, and getting feedback from testers is of utmost importance. If you aren’t willing to give feedback or hate running into issues, DO NOT download this snapshot. Just wait until the official snapshot releases come out.

We’ll get you a full rundown of what we find from this snapshot and others as they drop, but for now, we’ve got some playtesting to do and feedback to give. Like Gianluca here:

Download the Custom Java Snapshot

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