Minecraft Jobs: Marketplace Edition Part Two

If you’re still looking for more Marketplace job positions, we’ve got another list of job openings here for you!

Ever since our first compilation of Marketplace Partner Jobs we’ve decided to dive deeper into the diverse world of applications that can be found in the Marketplace platform. Today, we’ve brought forth another list of teams that are looking for potential, so keep scrolling and check out these opportunities!

tetrascape gold

Tetrascape is a studio known for its array of skin sets. From Rainbow Warriors to one-off products like Wildwood, they’ve established their potential in texture design in the Minecraft market. For players who are wanting to work with them in their team, they have a contact page open for potential new applicants. The availability of positions is broad, so if you’re an animator or a texture artist, this studio might have the position you want.

syclone studios

For anyone familiar with Chroma Hills, Syclone Studios should ring a few bells. The studio, run by Syclone — the creator of Chroma Hills itself, has been established ever since 2017 with its official partnership. Renown for its publishing of Bedrock’s own Chroma Hills and Lithos, it’s no surprise that they’re looking for someone at this time. However, the position they’re looking for isn’t of the texture-kind, but more so of coding and map development. So to any map creators in the community, you can contact them using this page.

BBB Studios is a company that dabbles in a variety of marketplace products. Selling maps, skin packs, and other interactive content, their members are bountiful but rely on each other to work in a tight-knit function. Their application page has a wide arrange of jobs for one to sign up for if you fit one of these roles:

  • Builder
  • Skin Artist
  • Texture Pack Designer
  • 3D Model Artist
  • Render Artist
  • Videographer
  • Behavior & Mechanics

Shapescape Logo 5000 Black

Shapescape is not only a Marketplace partner, but they’ve been interacting with digital platforms ever since its inception in 2013. In the same vein as Blockbuilders and other companies like it, Shapescape has an established presence for their objectives: educating players alike with their environments and worlds. The following jobs are available right now on their site:

  • Gameplay Developer
  • Level Designer
  • Texture Artist
  • 3D Model Artist
  • 3D Render Artist
  • Copywriter
  • Tester

Sapphire Studios follows along with builds, skins, texture packs, and maps. They’ve also done past commissions and educate through the Minecraft medium given. They have these positions open:

So if you’re wanting to apply, their contacts can be found here.

cubed creations

A newer partner on the block, Cubed Creations is seeking out 3D model artists for future Marketplace projects. If you’re interested, you can contact Alyzix #6542 on Discord by DMs or their Discord server.

On a final note, the Noxcrew has opened up their doors to players that work and tinker with animations (Blender, Blockbench, and other animation software) and game mechanics (redstone, commands, functions). If you have expertise in one of those fields, then click here for the application link.

To the ones seeking positions and openings, the Snapshot team wishes you good luck on your search!

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