Minecraft Furniture Guide: Better your Builds

Hooray! The exterior of your build is finished, and now you need some furniture to fill the inside. Of course, Minecraft doesn’t come with prebuilt furniture (unless you’re using a furniture mod). Don’t worry though. There is a wide variety of Minecraft furniture that you can create.

While building, the most important thing to remember is that you can play around with the furniture to find the best fit for your build. Don’t be afraid to change the size, block type, or location of your furniture if it doesn’t look right to you!


To start this off, let’s take a look at some bed designs. Beds are an essential part of any bedroom. From the inside of a house, to an apartment, or even a hotel, you’re going to need a place to rest after building all this furniture.

Three Minecraft beds with wooden frames

As you can see, the frame of all three bed designs is made up of a variety of wood blocks. Wood blocks are a good choice for the frame because they are easy to obtain, but have many variations. They also fit in well with any color that you may want to use for your bedding.

The bed on the left is designed to be functional, as well as stylish, by using actual beds you can sleep on. The other two are examples of beds for decor only, but generally look more natural in a furnished Minecraft bedroom.

Generally, sticking with one color for the bedding will look the best, but feel free to create a bedspread design that you find most appealing.

Want to step it up a notch? Add more detail to your bed by using snow to create a raised pillow look. You can also add a row of carpet next to the snow cap to make it look like the covers are folded over.


Next, let’s take a look at some tables. You can build tables in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you can situate them in various places, such as dining rooms, living rooms, or offices. You can use them to fill large voids in the middle of a room, or they can simply provide a resting spot for your favorite flower pot. Here are a few designs to get you started:

A variety of Minecraft tables and desks

If you look at the middle table, you can see that I used a couple sea pickles as cups (available in Minecraft 1.13). To accompany the ‘cups’, I used iron pressure plates as dinner plates. You can also add ends rods to the center of the table to act as candles, if you are looking to create a more exclusive dining experience, such as in restaurants or mansions.

The desk second from the right also utilizes a pressure plate, but this time it is used as a keyboard for a computer. You can use an item frame with an apple as a computer screen, with a button on the desk as a mouse.

To build different looking tables, you can make table legs out of slabs, fence posts, glass panes, or even iron rods! Placing carpet or trapdoors on those will provide a tabletop. The world of Minecraft furniture is only limited by your imagination.


Now that you have tables, where will your guests sit? You can make chairs to accompany your tables. Smaller builds will require simpler chairs, but you can make them large and fancy to fill a bigger space if needed.

A variety of Minecraft chairs made of wood

The picture above shows a variety of chair options. Experimentation is your friend when it comes to creating the perfect chair. Once your basic design is complete, soften the look by adding cushions for your chairs with the use of banners. This also allows the addition of a small burst of color to contrast the primary color of the chair. You may also add signs and trapdoors, which have the benefit of looking like armrests.

If you want to feasibly sit on your chairs in-game, you’ll need to add a mechanic which allows it, such as a minecart base. Using a couple of rails, you can position a minecart in the exact location to allow you to sit well in your fancy new Minecraft furniture.


Lighting can make or break your build. If you were building a dungeon, you might want less light and may be okay with the use of basic torches to accomplish the lighting effect you want. If you were creating a house, palace, or anything that needs to look elegant, you might want to use more interesting light sources than plain torches though. Not to worry, because Minecraft has a variety of light sources and ways to change their appearance.

Different Minecraft chandeliers and lamps

By placing a single block on top of an end rod, you can create a lamp that fits in well on a small table. You can also add a simple fence post to it for a wall-mounted modern look, or place a frame around a torch to dress up a simplistic wall torch.

For a taller lamp, fences and walls make a good base. Glowstone or sea lanterns on top will provide the light source. However, they aren’t the most attractive blocks when exposed fully, so covering them with trapdoors will make them more appealing in the room.

In large areas, chandeliers made from glass or fence posts provide a stunning, intricate light source. Keep in mind that end rods will make the chandeliers look more modern, while torches are better for an older setting. Don’t be afraid to create abstract designs for these chandeliers. They are sure to be the focal point of your next major build!


Now that your build has the essential decor items, you should add in some storage for functionality. Chests by themselves will do the trick, but we can do better than that! Here are a few different ways that you can make your storage more stylish and help it to complement your other Minecraft furniture.

Minecraft tables, bookshelves, and closets with chests inside

Placing chests under slabs or stairs allows you to open them, but lets you conceal their location. You can also hide chests behind doors or trapdoors, keeping them out of sight, but still easy to access. Try sneaking chests into bookshelves or tables to create the ultimate storage design built into an inconspicuous library.

Miscellaneous Minecraft Furniture

Now it’s time to step it up even more. Your build has all the basic furniture components, but there are many other pieces of furniture that you could create to fill in the gaps. Take a look below:

Minecraft bookshelf, fridge,toilet and sink

Using shulker boxes or iron to build a fridge makes it both stylish and functional. Tired of the same iron cauldron sink? Make it modernistic by surrounding it in quartz blocks/stairs. Levers or tripwire hooks look like faucets when placed over a sink and bring a sense of realism to your build. Quartz is also great for creating a realistic toilet, especially with details such as an iron pressure plate for a lid, and a button on the side to flush.

Bookshelves may be stylized using a variety of wood blocks as a frame. Many pieces of furniture, such as the bookcase, can be remade in smaller or larger sizes to compliment the room you are furnishing. Always keep scale in mind to maximize the ultimate look of your finished build.

Congratulations, you can now create a wonderfully furnished room in Minecraft! Don’t be afraid to experiment with the blocks you use and mix in your own creative flair. The first thing you try may not always be the best option, but you’re sure to figure out an alternative with time and creativity. Have fun with your new Minecraft furniture!

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