Minecraft 1.19.10 Update (Bedrock Edition)

It has been over a month since the release of Minecraft 1.19 however the developers, from the looks of it, aren’t fully executed with this release just yet. The Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.10 brings a ton of malicious program fixes, parity changes, and new features to the game that either in no way existed or had been the most effective part of the Java edition. You can recognize the distinction between Minecraft Java and Bedrock through the internet. Meanwhile, let’s quickly go through the entirety of the new changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.10 update.

Minecraft 1.19.10 Update (Bedrock Edition)

Mangrove Swamp Biome

Trying to bring mangrove swamps nearer in each version, the Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.10 update has made the mangrove swamps denser. There are plenty of extra bushes and closely generated roots that are never seen before in this biome. You can nevertheless navigate this biome via finding slender but clear paths. But in case you were making plans to apply a Minecraft boat on this biome like the authentic trailer of this update, that might not be a possibility.

Mangrove Swamp Biome

From a visible attitude, the biome now seems welcoming and comparable to its real-world counterpart. Moreover, it also gives gamers a dependable alternative to Minecraft parkour maps. And in case you thought that the variety of mangrove bushes should now be taken into consideration, the developers additionally mentioned that “there’s nevertheless work to be completed to increase the density of Mangrove timber in water”, in the release notes of this update.


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With the Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.10 update, you could now replicate an Allay in Minecraft by giving it an amethyst shard at the same time as it’s far dancing to the sound of a jukebox. If you don’t deliver the shard, the Allay will keep on dancing until the music stops playing or an Allay goes far away, to pay attention to its sound. Not to forget, this recreation mechanic continues to be in the testing phase for the Java edition and ought to release within the following few weeks.

Other Changes

You can now make an Allay follow you around into the Nether portal. The range within which Allay can search for items is now 32 blocks, making it like the Java edition. Just like the Allay, the item that it holds also glows in darkish areas. Finally, all the duplication system faults based totally around Allay have been patched.

Deep Dark Biome And Warden

Deep Dark Biome And Warden
  • The sculk shrieker now triggers within the range of 48 block radius in preference to ninety-six blocks for the presence of a Warden. If it doesn’t locate the Warden inside that 
  • the region, it finally ends up spawning another one when activated.
  • In contrast with the JAVA edition, In BEDROCK, Warden’s sonic shriek doesn’t disable the armor and their enchantments, but now in this update, ignores all the armor!!
  • Warden cannot be pushed while spawning.
  • Warden cannot be spawned underwater, but it can be spawned on non-solid blocks like sand, snow, Redstone dust, and tripwires.
  • Like in JAVA, Warden can now float back on top in lava and water, and can also walk on liquid blocks.
  • At last, ancient cities are more complex than JAVA and generates similar structure to the JAVA edition.

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Locating Biomes Is Easier Now

Among all the satisfactory Minecraft commands, the “locate command” might be the most beneficial one for all the players and explorers out there. It helps you to locate coordinates to buildings, structures, and now, biomes too. Earlier, most effective the Java gamers had the choice to apply the “find command” to discover biomes. Now, the Bedrock players can do the identical.

To locate the desired biome, you first must type the following command:

/locate biome biome_name

For example, if you are willing to locate a deep dark biome you must type:

/locate biome deep dark

Other than the biomes, you can nevertheless use the find command to locate specific structures within the game. Each time you use it, the game will show the coordinates of the nearest biome or the shape which you searched for. Then, you could use them to teleport in Minecraft or manually travel to that spot.

Parity Changes Of 1.19.10 Bedrock Edition

  • Warden: dies without any animation.
  • Fish’s health: decreased to three hearts instead six.
  • Lamas and trader: now have separate spawn eggs.
  • Frogs: lay frogspawn on source water block only.
  • Tadpoles: in the meadow biome, grows into orange color (temperate variant).
  • Green Frogs: could be grown into a deep dark biome.
  • Death screen: displays the cause of death same as JAVA edition.
  • Attaching blocks: You can now attach blocks and entities beneath all job blocks and campfires.

Bug Fixes Of 1.19.10 Bedrock Edition

  • Hearing: Up on equipping items in the armor slot you will hear unique sound cues.
  • Conduit: with “power I” now applies the effect of “haste I” instead of “haste II”.
  • Mobs: Mobs no longer disappear while traveling through the Nether portal.
  • Villagers: Villagers now spawn as swamp villagers. Even using spawn eggs naturally.
  • Parrots: They aren’t immune to poisoning up on eating cookies.
  • Wither: Wither can break obsidians now!

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