How To Summon And Kill The Warden

In Minecraft, there are a number of mobs that make the game exciting and fun to play. A “Mob” (mobile entity) is an AI game-driven entity resembling a living creature. The number of mobs, you could come across in the game with different difficulty levels, makes the game competitive and urges players to develop skills in dealing with these bad boys. 

There are some mobs that are difficult to deal with and encourage players to come up with tricks and strategies in order to defeat them. With the current 1.19 Wild update, there is a new powerful mob introduced in the game for the players to enjoy and make them rage due to its insane abilities with little to fewer weaknesses. Although players are very excited to test their enchantments on the new mob called WARDEN. We have discussed everything you need to summon WARDEN, from its biomes to things that will trigger its spawn. So, let’s get right into finding this beast and killing him with ease.

Summoning The Warden

Summoning THE WARDEN is broken down into different steps with important information you need to know:

Warden The New Mob In Minecraft?

Warden is known to be one of the most aggressive mobs ever introduced in Minecraft. He belongs to the  Deep Dark biome which is also introduced in this update alongside THE WARDEN. To explain his abilities, I will ask if you have watched A QUIET PLACE. If not no worries, The Warden is the first blind mob in Minecraft with sensing abilities relying on sound cues, vibrations and smell to attack.

Minecraft Warden The New Mob

Figure 1:

Being blind, Warden is very powerful when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He can kill you with only two hits upon wielding full netherite armor with a shield. On the first hit, he will disable your shield and drop you down to half health. If you are thinking to play safe and deal with this monster from a distance, guess what… Warden possesses a sound wave called “Sonic Shriek” which can penetrate any block but deals less damage.

Where And At What Stage Of The Game You Will Find The Warden?

To find Warden you need to locate his biome “Deep Dark biome” where you can easily summon him. This biome is also added in the new 1.19 Wild update along with The Warden. To be very accurate you can locate this biome at the height level of Y=-35 and in the Ancient city where you can find huge loot crates and Warden.

But if you couldn’t find this biome through exploring and mining you can always rely on different ways to ease yourself up by typing the following Minecraft command in your chat to locate the Deep Dark biome easily:

/locate biome minecraft:deep_dark

After typing this command in the chat, it will show you the exact coordinates of the nearest Deep Dark biome from which you can mine your way there or you can teleport yourself. Of course, this command only works when you have enabled cheat before loading your world.

How To Summon The Warden?

Summon The Warden


Summoning Warden is very exciting and includes game mechanics which are very interesting to know. To summon Warden first you must trigger a “Sculk Shrieker” block which you can find in the “Deep Dark biome”. “Sculk Shrieker” block activates when the block detects your presence three times exact upon vibrations or noises you make. Unlike other mobs, Warden can’t be found in his home biome until you trigger the “Sculk Shrieker” block.

After triggering the block, it takes approximately 5 seconds for The Warden to spawn, mining his way out from nearby blocks and start looking for players or ill say sensing his prey to finish them. Upon spawning The Warden “Sculk Shrieker” block also gives darkness effect for 10 seconds. This will eventually make the game more challenging and harder to locate The Warden. To prevent this, you can carry “Potion of Night Vision” which comes very handy in this situation.

Things To Know About “Sculk Shrieker” And Does It Work:

Sculk Shrieker


  • The sculk shrieker block could only detect players within the range of 16 blocks. The block has a spherical range extending uniformly in every direction.
  • Darkness effect from the sculk shrieker could last up to 10 seconds and can affect players who are in the range of 40 blocks but after the first wave, you can stand within 19 blocks without ever affecting from it.
  • To make the sculk shrieker block summon the Warden you first must make a sound at least three times, upon first and second times it will release a warning shriek which will also give you a darkness effect for about 10 seconds.
  • Every shrieker will have 10 seconds cooldown, it won’t be triggered while a player is on cooldown. You must be in range to make it count or else Warden will not spawn, nor the darkness effect will affect you, but if it’s your third time triggering sculk shrieker block Warden will spawn.

Now that you get an idea of how to summon The Warden, his Deep Dark biome, and about sculk shrieker. Are you ready to fight and kill him? NO? Do you also want to know how to kill him with ease? No worries we are here to help you defeat this aggressive beast and conquer him in his own biome.

How To Kill The Warden?

Before diving into the rabbit hole of how to defeat this ferocious mob, we need to hold ourselves and first know some basic mechanics about The Warden. We have already learned where and how you can summon him but there are a few things you need to know before embracing yourselves with netherite armory and game-breaking enchantments.

Warden’s Abilities

As we all know how to find Warden and have a slight idea about his attacks but let’s talk briefly about his abilities and attacks”

First, we all know Warden is blind and he is sensitive to scent and vibrations. He can even be annoyed by the slightest of vibrations. He will chase you down with 20 blocks after triggering him. He will attack anything which annoys him like players or even other mobs. He can also climb a single block like every other mob but cannot break it.

Combat Attack

Let’s talk about his hand-to-hand combat skills. He is very powerful in up-close battles. The amount of damage he can deal is enough to kill you in merely two to three hits maximum upon wielding max-level armor with a shield. If your armor isn’t strong enough for instance you are wearing diamond armor, you can even die with a single hit. So, keep your distance from this goliath-looking mob if you want to survive.

Sonic Shriek

Sonic Shriek

Figure 4:

Avoiding close combat will not save you from another annoying ability. Sonic shriek is a shock wave that deals comparatively less damage than his physical ones but can damage you by penetrating every block in Minecraft. It can knock you from high ground with around 5 blocks of range. The strength of his sonic shriek is penetrating through every block which includes bedrock, liquid blocks, nether blocks, and much more but his weakness is, that his sonic shriek can only target one player at a time, meaning if you are in duos or squad, you can attack him while he charges his attack on only single player.

Darkness Effect

The darkness effect will be applied as soon as the sculk shrieker block detects your presence. The darkness effect will last about 10 seconds. Light sources like torches and campfires wont work but you can always carry “Potion of Night Vision” with you. You can prevent yourself from being affected by darkness by standing at the 19th block minimum.

Items That Will Help You Defeat The Warden

Here is a list of things that will help you defeat The Warden easily:

  • First, you need to get yourself a full “Netherite Armor” from head to toe with “Protection IV” and “Swift Sneak” which you can find in the Ancient City.
  • In weapons, you must avoid close combat ones instead you can carry a “trident” or a bow. These are the two best options.
  • Regrading health regen you can carry “Enchanted Golden Apples and Golden carrots”, “Potion of Healing”, and some cooked steaks and magical stew.
  • You can also carry items to distract The Warden like snowballs, arrows and eggs. Cobwebs and berry bushes to prevent falling, you can also carry haybale. Building blocks are also recommended. You can always skip shield as it doesn’t work against him.

Before moving on here are some things you need to keep in mind before strategizing against Warden:

  • The best way to trap and kill a non-flaying mob is to trap them in liquid or lava but guess what… Warden can float up in the water and stand on top of lava without taking any damage from it. Despite this, you can slow him down if somehow you trap him in lava or water.
  • Yes, you can defeat The Warden by bringing Iron Golems, but you will be needing a lot of them. Warden can easily defeat five Iron Golem at a time but increasing one Iron Golem could make a difference in the outcome. But bringing 6 Iron Golem to such a biome is challenging in survival mode so it’s close to impossible to pull that off smoothly.
  • You cannot kill the Warden with TNTs, as tested at least a hundred of them sent him flying in the air but not enough to kill him. Drowning him won’t work either nor does lava damages him. He is even immune to any blast and fire damage.
  • You cannot depend upon “Potion of invisibility” as he is already a blind mob who depends upon sound cues. If we talk about his speed, which is equivalent to player speed but after detection his movement speed increases exponentially and can chase you down even wielding boot spell.

What Is The Best To Kill The Warden?

The best way isn’t very glamorous but it’s reliable, repeatable and easy to pull off. So, let’s get right into it:

  • First, we must dig a hole which can be 2 blocks long and 4 blocks wide and you must add some trap doors to both the edges to make AI think it’s a walking passage and make Warden fall into the hole.
Kill The Warden
  • Second for damage and as your primary weapon you will need a bow and some arrows. (Power V bow and 2 full stacks of arrows are required at least).
inventory in Minecraft
  • Then we will summon The Warden lure him in the hole by leading him through making noise, after luring him in the hole Warden will automatically shifts himself to “Sonic Boom” but as mentioned earlier its range limits to 15 blocks but darkness effect will always annoy you.
  • To prevent darkness from regenerating you need to maintain your distance at 19 blocks. After that the darkness effect will count down to 0 and will not be reapplied. 
  • After that you will be able to see his head from the hole and start shooting him with bow and arrow, keep shooting the arrows which will almost take a stack of arrows and 61 to be exact to kill him.

There is a detailed guide on  HYPERLINK “″how to kill the Warden in the best possible way, you can check that out as well.

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