Hidden Gems: GIFs Converted Into Flipbooks

Welcome back to another segment of Hidden Gems, a series where we delve into different portions of the Minecraft community and find something that can help you out or just make your day a little bit sweeter.

Today we’ll be talking about flipbooks. Minecraft flipbooks in Java Edition, to be exact.

A few days ago, a user by the name of u/Two_Legged_Milipede, found a way to make images on different pages of a Minecraft book and quill with Block Elements, turning them at rapid succession to make movement — hence an effective flipbook. The user commented that the entire process was by-hand, a very tedious amount of work put into it, but that didn’t stop someone from making an easier way to replicate this.

Enter u/PM_XBOX_CODES_PLS, another Minecraft denizen that decided to take Milipede’s concept and made it possible for many others to use it!

minecraft gift flipbook

What they did was allow GIFs to be converted into Flipbooks with a program he created for the task. You can input the GIF and grab the command that will give you the flipbook, or you can generate it using copy and paste if you’re in survival mode.

The download link and source code will be located at the linked button below.

Now, what can this hidden gem do for you and your server? Fun, of course! If you want to make a visual narrative or fun puzzle piece for server events, maps, or roleplays, then this could be really handy for those circumstances — especially if you’re really creative with how you use it in your medium. Or if you want to just make memes, then I guess you can do that too. Sky’s the limit and I’m not stopping you on having fun with this program.

Check Out Minecraft Java Flipbooks

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