Greatest Minecraft Records That Won’t Be Beaten Soon

In this article, reviewed and listed some of the greatest Minecraft records that won’t be beaten soon.

13- The Wood Chopper

What’s the first thing you do when you hop on to a new minecraft world? Well, it’s almost the same for everyone, Punching down trees to gather wood. What if I told you that you can test your limits and set a world record for that? Well, the rules for this world record is that the timer starts as soon as you spawn into a random world and you have 3 minutes to chop down as much wood as you can, It is up to you if you want to craft an Axe or not but the wood chopped for the axe and the crafting table will not be counted in the final total. 

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this title is held by ENKIL FERNANDO CERON ALVAREZ, which is 99 blocks.

Note that this record is for the console players only. 

Article by Guinness 

the wood chopper

12- Two Block Jump

Well, Jumping is a really common feature in almost every game. We’ve been jumping in video games since the very beginning, in fact jumping used to be a way to kill enemies in many video games like Super Mario. But did you ever wonder how interesting this feature could be and how great records can be set with just jumping? Well, TNTeon realized this and set the record for the most consecutive two-block jumps in minecraft i.e 2001 blocks, block by block without falling once. 

Well every record is set to be broken and his record was broken by Dom (a fellow Minecrafter) but TNTeon took it personally and took back the title as soon as he knew that it was broken. TNTeon jumped 2670 blocks consecutively without falling to take back his record which was taken by Dom whose record was 2126 block

two block jump world record

11- The Iron Golem

Having an iron golem for your safety is crucial and people like me would be happy to hear that now you can turn your weakness into a world record, well only if you can.

Well, this is quite a unique record and you might try to break it as well. Let me clear out the instructions for you. You can go into creative mode when you break this record and you can also make a setup for yourself to build golems, but you can not place any iron block or pumpkin block before the timer starts. You get one minute to build as many iron golems as possible.

The current record is held by Dom for building 36 iron golems in under one minute.

the iron golem

10- Tool Time

Gearing up and having all the right tools in minecraft is essential for any player and you should get tools as fast as possible to protect yourself. And for being fast I mean super fast, so fast that you break the world record.

Alright so let me tell you the rules for this one. You have to craft ten tools that are an Axe, Shovel, Picaxe, Hoe, Sheers, Clock, Compass, Fishing Rod, Flint steel, and a Leash in the fastest time possible, right now that is 13.38 seconds. You can set up the essential items required to craft in your inventory. 

Dom is a master at breaking world records and he also broke the previous record of 13.96 seconds. He set the fastest time to craft all these tools in just 13.38 seconds. 

tool time

9- PIGMEN Slaughter

Zombie pigmen are a very annoying mob and I’m glad that we have a world record just to kill them, that’s another reason to kill them every now and then 😛

Well, this record might be a bit too much to break since Hayden Rowles and Fabian O’Ryan Paulo broke this record in just 1 second

The trick which they used was, to first gather 10 zombie pigmen in a small area in the nether and then place a bed near them and go to sleep, Since sleeping is not possible the bed explodes causing all the pigmen to die in an instance, 

Note that the timer starts after you land your first blow on the pigmen.

Still think you can beat that?

pigmen slaughter

8- Build A Home

This is a fun record yet there are great players everywhere who set the bar so high that it is really difficult for an average player to break it.

For this record, you have to build a house which should include a couple of things, such as a door and a window and the base should be at least four by four and should be three blocks high and should be done in survival mode

Currently, this record is held by Sam Richmond that is 1 minute 22 seconds on a PC. 

build a home record

7- Stairway to Heaven

For this next world record, you will need to be agile and super fast, and pixel perfect since this record is easy but the movements in this are super hard. You have to precisely place stairs while being swift as well and make a staircase in under 1 minute.

This World record is currently held by Bodi Hu and is also verified by Guinness he built a staircase consisting of 62 stair blocks.

No hard rules in this one, all you need is stairs and build a staircase as fast as possible in 60 seconds and you can also use creative mode

Note that this record has separate titles for console players and Pc players 

The record for the tallest staircase in minecraft on a console is held by Nikola Bico (49 Stairs)

stairway to heaven

6- Most Concurrent players on a single server

You don’t need anything to do in this world record except to log into a public server with a couple of people, sounds easy right? You don’t need any skill for this record except for one and that is the social skill xD which most of us gamers don’t have.

Well for this World record you will either need to be a little famous or you might need to have a huge friends circle or if you don’t even have friends then you shall have to convince thousands of people to take part in this record and that is only why this record is so difficult.

To break the record for most concurrent players on a single server you will need 34,435 players to join your server as in 2015 Mineplex (Minecraft minigame server) set the record for most concurrent players in a single server (34,434), although Mineplex is already pretty famous and would have 20,000 players at any given time at its peak.

most concurrent players on a single server

5-  Minecraft Longest Marathon

Minecraft is the biggest game in history and arguably with the most dedicated fan base who devote countless hours of their time playing the game. It is always fun to do a marathon of your favorite game but for one player a mere marathon of a few hours was not enough. Mark Walls-Sawchuk sat down on his chair to play minecraft with one aim in mind, To set a world record for the longest minecraft marathon. He played Minecraft for 35 hours 40 minutes and 02 seconds and took brief rests just to relax his fingers and avoid any blood clotting. He Live streamed his feat online. 

Guinness Article

minecraft longest marathon record

4- Most Viewed Minecraft related Video

For a long time, the most Viewed Minecraft video was a song made by CaptainSparkelz, “Revenge”. If you are a Minecraft fan then I think it’s almost impossible that you don’t know about this video. But sadly it was overtaken by Alan Becker and his video is titled “Animation Vs Minecraft” Which has also been overtaken in a few days by 葉式特工 Yes Ranger by the video named “Minecraft Real POV 創世神第一人稱真人版” and is currently the most viewed minecraft video.

3) Revenge — 271 Million Views

2) Animation Vs Minecraft — 279 Million Views

1) Minecraft Real POV 創世神第一人稱真人版 — 287 Million Views

3- Most Viewed Minecraft Youtube channel

DanTDm has everyone’s childhood. He made everyone’s days a little better, if you have been watching him since the very beginning when minecraft had just released then I can understand the nostalgia that hits every time you watch an old video of him. 

DanTDM holds the official record given by Guinness of the most-watched youtube channel in the world. He currently has 26 Million subscribers and 18.5 billion views

most viewed minecraft youtube channel record

2- Biggest Pixel Art

Pixel art is a pretty old thing in minecraft. You take a picture and replicate it in minecraft pixel by pixel in which each block represents a single pixel. THOMAS BRISBEY built the biggest pixel art that includes 3,096,058 blocks and this record was achieved on 7th February 2019, Although there are many claims that this record has been overtaken but this is the only one officially approved by Guinness. Now that’s an absurd record. 

There is a bit of dispute whether Thomas built it block by block or not, despite that the record still stands. 

Dive in for a better look

Twitter post

biggest pixel art world record

1- Journey to the Far Lands

How far could you travel before getting bored in the almost infinitely spawning world of minecraft? For KilloCrazyMan it was almost a year and to spice it up he said he enjoyed it, at least we hope so. Initially, it was an idea of a YouTuber by the name of Kurt J Mac to document his journey to the far lands. Mac created a travel diary series and called itFar Lands or bust on youtube. He managed to travel almost 4 million blocks in survival in almost 9 years. Killocrazyman had other plans, since a far land is almost 12 million blocks away from the spawn point it is considered as an achievement that could not be completed. Even if you look at j mac’s journey his rate would have taken him another 20 years to reach. But KilloCrazyMan traveled more than 35,000 blocks each day and achieved the impossible in under a year without going to the nether and just on foot or either a boat.

It’s so crazy to imagine that such an achievement that would have been considered impossible at one point has been accomplished, and it shows how much potential this community has to break the boundaries of the game

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