Discord Account Security: Tips to Stay Safe

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Discord is a popular platform for communication amongst many different communities. Whether you use Discord to share memes with your friends, stream to your favorite server, or to appreciate Wumpus’ beautiful face, it’s imperative to take a few minutes to make sure your account is secure. 

Use Good Password Practices for your Discord Account

What do you mean I shouldn’t set my password to “password”!? How else will I remember it? Follow these simple tips to create a great password and secure your Discord account. 

Use a Unique Password for Discord (and other accounts!)

If you use the same password for multiple accounts, someone only needs to learn your password for a single account to have it for all of them. In real life, a hotel wouldn’t give a customer a key that unlocks every door. That would be a security problem! Don’t let that happen to your accounts. Every account you create should have a unique password. This also means your passwords shouldn’t have common themes, for example, using the same word in multiple passwords. If you struggle to remember your passwords, check out the tips below! 

Make Long Passwords that are Easy to Remember

  • Passwords should be at least 16 characters, but that doesn’t mean they have to be hard to remember! Make your passwords sentences or phrases. For example, “bearsshoppingatwalmart”.
  • In addition to making your passwords longer, try making them more complex by adding upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Our password from above can be made stronger by changing it to “10BearsShopping@Walmart”.
  • Do not include personal info that people could find, such as your name, pet’s name, kid’s name, date of birth, etc. That includes anything on your social media or information that is public-facing.

Another good option for creating strong passwords is having a password manager generate one based on set parameters. Next, we’ll learn what password managers are and what you should consider when choosing one.

Use a Password Manager

It may be tempting to write your password down and keep it by your desk, but don’t do that! If you need help keeping track of your passwords, consider using a password manager such as KeePass. A password manager is an application that securely stores passwords and allows you to retrieve them when needed.

KeePass is an open-source password manager that is free to use. It allows you to store your passwords securely, and supports security features such as two-factor authentication.


Alternative password manager options include 1Password, a paid option for cloud password storage. 1Password also supports two-factor authentication, and provides free courses to teach people how to keep their information secure.

Bitwarden is another cloud option that offers both free and paid plans. However, the free version doesn’t include two-factor authentication, which we will discuss the importance of in the next section.

Generate Secure Passwords

One great way to create a secure password is to have a password generator make one for you! It will be stored in the password manager where you can access it as needed, so there is no need to remember it. The KeePass password generator is shown below:

Other password generators may have different options, but the KeePass generator allows you to specify the length of the password, as well as which characters you want it to use. Make sure to generate a password that is at least 16 characters in length and has different types of characters, including numbers and special characters!

Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Discord

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds a second layer of protection to your account. There are multiple forms, including SMS text on your phone, phone calls, email verification, and using an authenticator app. However, using an app is the best because it is more difficult for hackers to bypass than the other forms of 2FA.

After 2FA is enabled, when you want to log into your Discord account, you will enter the code from your authentication app that randomly generates every few seconds. That will make it much harder for anybody else to access your account because they will need both your password and that 2FA code.

To enable 2FA, open Discord and click on the settings button in the bottom left corner. Then, scroll down under “My Account” to the section that says “Password and Authentication.”

Image showing the location of the Discord settings button.

If you haven’t enabled two-factor authentication, you will see a button that says “Enable Two-Factor Auth.” Click on that button to begin setting up 2FA.

Image of a button to enable Discord's 2FA.

Once you’ve pressed the button, you will see a pop-up instructing you to download Authy or Google Authenticator and scan the QR code. Follow those instructions and then enter the code that the Authenticator app gives you into the space at the bottom of the Discord pop-up. That will confirm that the 2FA connection is working.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up two-factor authentication. Make sure you save the backup codes Discord generates for you in a safe space! If something goes wrong and you lose access to your authentication app, those codes will allow you to get back into your account.

Don’t fall for Phishing Scams!

Phishing? Isn’t that the thing where people use sticks with a string attached to catch fish? Actually, phishing is a term used to describe a type of scam where people disguise themselves to steal your information. In Discord, scammers frequently try to steal information that will give them access to your account, such as passwords or email information. Many other types of scams exist on the internet, but this is one of the most common.

Image of a fishing rod representing someone phishing your Discord information

But it’s Urgent!

Be wary of Discord messages that compel you to do something – usually urgently. An example is a Discord message that says you must click a link within 24 hours or you will get locked out of your account. Don’t click on the link! Chances are, it’s a scammer trying to get you to tell them your login information so they can steal your account.

These are a few other things that may help you identify a phishing attempt:

  • The message has poor grammar and spelling mistakes
  • The message is from an account that you have never talked to before
  • The message includes a link to a website that you do not recognize
  • The message asks you to scan a QR code
  • The message requests login information, payment information, or sensitive data

These signs of phishing may also apply to emails. It is important to be aware of phishing attempts on your email as well, because if someone compromises your email, it will be easier for them to gain control of your Discord account.

An Employee Wants my Information!

Official messages coming from Discord will have the “System” tag next to them. Discord employees will never message asking for information such as your password. If someone sends you a message that asks for information such as your password, you should report it to Discord and block the account.

Wrapping it Up

Now you know how to use good password practices, set up a password manager, set up Two-Factor Authentication, and avoid phishing! With all that knowledge, you can rest assured that you’ve worked hard to keep your Discord account secure. Stay away from phishing attempts, and have fun with Minecraft fishing instead!

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