Cut RAM Usage In Half With OptiFine F1 Pre15 and Java 9+

This week we saw another preview release of OptiFine for Minecraft Java Edition 1.14.2 (labeled F1 Pre15) as it comes closer to fully supporting the latest version of Minecraft.

This release does one significant thing to improve the performance of your game, though: It now supports Java 9 and newer.

Why is this such a big deal?

The improved performance found in Java 9, 10, 11, and 12 is VERY GOOD. Running Minecraft with Java 11 can reduce the RAM costs on your machine by upwards of 50%. In our own test, we saw a decrease in RAM usage from 1.8 GB with Java 8, to as low as 300 MB in Java 11.

This makes the game run smoother overall, and will free up RAM on your computer that can be used for other applications (like if you’re a streamer or YouTuber, or just chatting in Discord).

How do you enable Java 9+ in OptiFine?

Luckily for us, installing the newest versions of Java and enabling it in OptiFine is a simple process, and Jack (who helps run the @OptiFineNews account on Twitter) has a quick tutorial on Reddit that will help you through the steps.

Download The Latest Preview Of OptiFine

As with any pre-release version of software, there are bound to be bugs and issues related to this version of OptiFine. If you’re one of the daring trailblazers who enjoys trying all of the latest and greatest tech, though, you can grab version F1 Pre15 of OptiFine for 1.14.2 at the button below (click “Preview Versions” at the top of the page). When reporting any bugs or issues, make sure to use their issue tracker so they can identify the fix easier.

Download OptiFine for 1.14.2 F1 Pre15

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