Best Minecraft Maps of All Time (2022) | Top List

In this Blog, listed with all the best Minecraft maps of all time, let’s check out them and download if you like them.

13. A Hole New World 

One of the best and most downloaded Rpg Adventure maps of Minecraft. Where you can play with almost 10 different friends, although the creator has recommended 1-4 players this map is still compatible for almost 11 players.

This map is inspired by the book “A Hole New World” written by PopularMMOs

There are 4 different classes and you can choose to be one of them, all of these classes are unique in their way and have their own special abilities. There are various cutscenes and different bosses with different abilities whom you need to defeat. There is a lot of loot hidden inside the map although you can still get a lot of it by buying stuff from the shop.

The map has plenty of side quests to keep you busy and have fun. All in all the gameplay is roughly 3 hours. 

Out of 5100+ maps, this is the 19th highest rated map on

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