Best Furniture Mods in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft is undoubtedly ranks in one of the top video games out there, a sandbox survival themed game developed by Mojang back in 2009 with a concept of pseudo-open world feel to it and 3D pixelated characters.

Minecraft has since been ported to several other platforms and is the best-selling video game of all time, with over hundred million players concurrently active every month. With this much traffic some players do get bored with the same old stuff and want things to be different and more fun. This is where mods (short for modifications) make it up to players who are missing fun and excitement. Mods alter the original gameplay by introducing completely new and functional elements to the game like new characters, collectibles, furniture, weapons etc.

Despite being the best building game, vanilla Minecraft doesn’t offer you many options in decorating your base with furniture. People who love building houses tend to have to resort to all sorts of tricks in order to create “furniture”. This sharpens creativity, but it would be much more fun to be able to place real furniture in the game. 

That’s why we have created a list featuring a bunch of amazing furniture mods to check and try them out.

At number 15 we have kitchen and kitchen++. They don’t generally classify in furniture mod but they enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Adds a lot of cool recipes into the game. With kitchen you can enjoy having

  • Toasters
  • Sinks
  • Ovens
  • Food items that can be displayed on your kitchen furniture.
Kitchen And Kitchen++ Screenshot
Kitchen And Kitchen++ tour image

Download Kitchen from here and Kitchen++ from here.

Some interesting Kitchen Furniture ideas you can watch from here.

Dany furniture mod is one of the best mod that I’ve played when it comes to adding new household items. With less circular edges and square based furniture, Dany furniture mod fits perfect with Minecraft players who wanted to play game without changing its originality. It offers cool and unique furniture pieces like

  • Modern Tables
  • Coffee Table
  • Computer table
  • Shelves
  • Computer and their accessories
  • Keyboard, mouse and monitors (RGB ones)

Download Dany furniture mod from here.

You can watch DANY FURNITURE MOD’S detailed video from here.

Tinkers’ Construct is a mod in which you can put different tools together in a variety of ways, then crafting them until they turn into something unique. The tools never disappear and can be named. Once you make them, they’re yours forever. Different materials can be used to make your tools. You can also create unique shapes which will help you in making furniture pieces.

Tinker’s Construct mod image
Source :here
Tinker’s Construct

Download tinker’s construct from here.

To get started with TINKER’S CONSTRUCT click here.

Macaw’s furniture is one of the favourite mods out there to restore the lack of shelves and storage units, offering unique storage units and betting looking chests than the ones game offers. In this mod we can also find:

  • Different types of chests
  • Unique bookshelves
  • Cabinets and closets
  • Desks and Countertops

If you want to create a studio in your house or build an office, Macaw’s furniture mod fulfils what you are struggling for.

For more details and to download this mod click here.

You can watch MACAW’S FURNITURE detailed guide from here.

Jammy’s furniture mod is a lot similar to macaw’s furniture mod but it majorly focuses on household items with a wide variety to it. If you are a fan of building houses and mansions, this mod surely is for you then. It allows you to craft literally any household furniture you ever wanted in your bedroom, living room and even in your underground hideout, if you like armchairs in there of course. It also features some cool stuff like:

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Trashcans
  • Chairs
  • TV’s and radio
  • Clock
  • Coat stand
  • Christmas tree
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Dishwasher and oven
  • Chimney

Special thing about this mod is that you can even dye all the items as per your desire to match your house’s theme.

For more details about Jammy’s Furniture you can visit here.

To download this mod click here.

To watch what JAMMY’S MOD IS ALL ABOUT you can here.

This mod is self-explanatory from its name. It offers some great outdoor crafts which Minecraft lacks all these years. It features some of the cool new decorations your garden always needed. This mod is outdoor theme which means it majorly focuses on items that are needed when you are camping, making garden or even to add details to your house’s surroundings.

Some of the items you will experience crafting are:

  • Grills
  • Tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Small glass tables
  • Trampolines
  • Different kinds of trees and crops  
Outdoor Craft For Mc

To download this mod click here.

A detailed preview and guide on how to use OUTDOOR CRAFT FOR MINERCRAFT.

In Minecraft carpet mod is more likely to be categorised in fabric add on due to its functionality, but this mod features different colors and types of carpets along with fabrics with would go well with furniture.

There is a Video on how to use CARPET MOD to its fullest, from decorating your interior to general use of it.

You can download CARPET MOD by clicking here.

Modern Arch mod is the most realistic looking mod from the list. It changes the textures and smooth out crumbliness which Minecraft is known for. This magical mod allows you to craft the most eye catching furniture with absolute smoothness and gives them a clean look. This mod features new furniture, special plant pots, wall decorations, table, chair, and things you have never seen before. 

To see more comparisons between MODERN ARCH and Vanilla Minecraft click here.

To get MODERN ARCH click here.

This mod mainly focuses on different types of blocks which helps in upscaling the looks of your castle and medieval paintings. This mod features materials which are related to ancient medieval times (Romanesque and Gothic). If you are into ancient carpentry, furniture, and masonry works you will love this mod.

To download this mod you can visit here.

This mod is very different from the ones that are mentioned in the list and may come to liking to specific players because as the name suggests Tamriel (where the game called THE ELDER SCROLLS is based on). This mod specifically features TES things to play around with. Don’t know about TES? No worries, you can enjoy some fantasy based props including barrels, crates and much more to craft. You can name this mod as a crossover of The Elder Scrolls and Minecraft. You can also go on TES based quests and experience the TES in Minecraft.

Tamriel Treasure Mod
Source :here

Download TAMRIEL TREASURE MOD from here.

Top 5 Of The List

We will start our top 5 furniture mods list with decocraft, one of the most downloaded mod among the players with around 30M downloads. If you are wondering why one the most downloaded mod only finds its position at number 05, well that’s because it currently only available on old versions and haven’t been updated. However, decocraft is reportedly in alpha testing for the latest version of the game. Decocraft adds more than three thousand decorations to the world and most of them are functional as well. This used to be the furniture mod for Minecraft, as it allows you to decorate your house as per your desire, adding a whole new element to the game.

Decocraft Minecraft Furniture Mod
Source :here

To download and make your houses and world shine click here.

To watch DECOCRAFT MOD SHOWCASE click here.

We continue our list with a mod that is almost like decocraft, but it mainly focuses on interior of your house. In this mod you can completely customize your bedroom as per your taste and likings. You can craft fridges, ovens and microwaves for your kitchen which are totally functional. Toilets and baths for your bathroom, as well as various fountains and fences for garden decoration. If you love building houses, this mode is an essential for you like c’mon a working trampoline. This mod features 80+ pieces of unique and cool looking furniture pieces to make other players jealous. 

Mrcrayfish Furniture Mod
Mrcrayfish Mod

To get this amazing mod click here.

For all the decorators and builders out there, Chisel is a mod that adds an insane number of decorative blocks, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do with most of the blocks and there purpose is purely decoration. But no need to worry, these blocks alone will make it up to you in so many interesting ways. A huge collection of blocks allows you to create some impressive builds and structures that were seemed impossible with existed blocks, Such as Ancient Greek structures and Medieval castles and so much more. This mod is ideal for players who love to build and with Chisel, you’ll spend hours upon hours constructing and decorating your builds to very tiny detail. 

Chisel mod

You can download CHIZEL by clicking over here

You can watch CHIZEL explained in detail in this video.

Entering on the 2nd spot we have Engineer’s Décor. A recent mod created in early 2019 which focuses on decorative blocks and devices that can help you manufacture stunning contraptions that will fulfil your desire of being and evil chemist you always saw in movies and cartoons. In this mod Wood Crafting table is a highlight as it helps in faster and effective crafting. Another thing which makes this mod different is laboratory and electric furnaces. In addition to it there are many types of bricks, ladders, steps, glass, windows, tables, and many more items.

The reason this mod is called Engineer’s Décor is because it features some of the cool items that are straight out of engineer’s brain includes:

  • Double T Steel support
  • Fluid pipes
  • Massive fluid accumulator
  • Waste incinerator
  • Factory dropper

If you are a kind of player who loves taking everything in control and invent different and weird stuff than this mod is perfect for you.

To download ENGINEER’S DÉCOR click here

To know more about this mod, you an watch a video by clicking here.

Bibliocraft has been widely regarded as the best furniture mod for couple of years now. With over 50M downloads it is one of the most popular ones in the game which is quiet fascinating because it only started as a small Minecraft mod that added a single book case to the game but now it is a much more complex mod. Adding a bunch of aesthetically pleasing items and blocks to the game. These are used to showcase various unique items and equipment, such as enormous libraries, working typewriter and printing press. There are also many other items that are never seen before and should give it a try.

Bibliocraft Minecraft Furniture Mode

You can find more details about BIBLOCRAFT by watching this video.

You can download this mod from here.

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