All You Need To Know About Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update

Hello miners! After the “1.18 CAVES AND CLIFFS PART II” update, we are here with another cool and exciting Minecraft 1.19 Wild update released by “MOJANG” on June 7, 2022. Today we are going to be covering everything which is included in this 1.19 Wild update. In this latest version of the game, we will be seeing a lot of new blocks to play around with, biomes to explore and mobs to kill. In 1.19 you will be experiencing a new Dark biome which is a spooky-looking new face of a swamp biome where you will find towering mangroves with a new type of mob waiting for you.

Minecraft Update 2022

The update was expected in the late 2022s, but “Mojang” surprised everyone by releasing this update in early June. This update is released after the “Caves and Cliffs 1.18 Part II update” which was launched in December 2021. The Wild 1.19 update is available on both “JAVA” and “BEDROCK” editions of Minecraft.

What You Will See In The New 1.19 Wild Update:

You will be witnessing some of the cool and exciting things in this update and here is the list of things that will surely blow your mind and make you want to dive in and start exploring.

New 1.19 Wild Update Minecraft


There are some cute looking mobs alongside ferocious ones as well:

  • Warden: First blind boss, with terrifying appearance and tremendous power.
  • Frog: A slime-eating passive animal mob.
  • Tadpole: Baby frog found in water.
  • Allay A cute-looking helping mob that helps you collect items.


In this update, we will see some variety in blocks from which you can play around and experiment.

  • Froglight: Seen when frog eats magma cube.
  • Sculk: Found in Deep Dark biome
  • Sculk Shrieker: Block found in Deep Dark biome which can sense noise and vibrations.
  • Sculk Catalyst: Sculk spreads when a mob dies near it.
  • Mud: Wet dirt.
  • Mud bricks: Packed mud
  • Mud brick blocks: Use to make stairs, walls, and slabs.
  • Mangrove log
  • Mangrove wood and striped mangrove wood
  • Mangrove roots and muddy mangrove roots
  • Mangrove items: boat, button, pressure plate, door, trapdoor, sign, slab, fence and fence gate, and much more.

Biomes And Items:

There is one new biome featured in this Wild 1.19 update called “Deep Dark biome” having a structure named “Ancient City”.

There are also some new items introduced in this update which are as follows:

  • Goat horn: When a goat hits the tree, it contains one of the eight sounds created while ramming the tree.
  • Music Disc 5
  • Boat with the chest.
  • Mangrove propagule: Mangrove tree seed found within the leaves.

New Mangrove Swamp Biome

The mangrove swamp biome is one of the oldest biomes in Minecraft. This biome has some exciting changes which you will surely find fun to play with. Finally, after a while, this biome got a new variant with towering mangrove trees, mud blocks, and some new mobs you will find in this biome.

New Mangrove Swamp Biome Minecraft

Mangrove Trees

In the 1.19 Wild Update, We will see some neat and clean towering new types of mangrove trees. These trees are found in the “Mangrove Swamp biome” in which they grow both on land and water. These trees have a vermillion (orange-red) color to it with large canopies and aerial root systems, which makes these trees ideal for tree housing. When mangrove trees grow, they convert any mud in the way of roots into muddy mangrove roots. They can be planted in the air and their roots will follow to the ground. There are a list of items you can obtain from these towering mangroves:

  • Mangrove leaves which are easily harvested with shears
  • Mangrove log and stripped mangrove log
  • Mangrove planks
  • Mangrove roots and muddy mangrove roots
  • Moss carpet
  • Bee nest and sticks as usual.
Mangrove Trees in Minecraft

You can plant and grove mangroves on the list of blocks which as follows:

  • Dirt
  • Grass block
  • Mycelium
  • Mud
  • Clay block
  • Rooted dirt
  • Podzol
  • Farmland and much more

If you want to know more about The new mangrove swamp biome and a detailed explanation of this new variant you can watch this video which will guide you on this new biome and how you can use the items you get from mangroves in your game.

Mud Blocks

Mud Blocks in Minecraft

Mud blocks are found at the base or at the floor of the “Mangrove swamp biome”. Unlike dirt, they cover the whole Mangrove swamp biome’s flooring. You can make your own Mud block by dumping water into dirt and can also put this mud block on dripstone to form clay. Clay has never been this easy!! Mud blocks dominate in mangrove swamps, and they have some unique properties to it. They are like soul sand where you slowly start sinking into it, but the mud block doesn’t slow you down. For more detailed information on Mud blocks, you can always check this page. You can also watch this video for an in-depth guide on mud and mud bricks.


Allay in Minecraft

Allay is a small flying passive mob added in the 1.19 Wild update. He is a cute-looking mob more like a helper who will collect items for you. He was added after Minecraft’s poll conducted in 2021 and won on the behalf of players selecting this very cute flying blue creature that loves collecting items. To make him collect items you first must give him a specific item you want him to collect and guess what? He will collect similar items for you from nearby. He loves music and through different “Notes blocks” you can choose your desired location for him to drop items. They can be rescued from “Pillager outpost” and “Woodland Mansion”. In Pillager’s outpost, they could be rescued from a dark oak cage. 

To find out more about this blue flying creature you can click here where you can learn about his behavior and more detail about him.

Read more about Allay: All You Need To Know About Allay of 1.19 Update

Allayfrogs And Tadpole

Allayfrogs And Tadpole in Minecraft

Frogs and tadpoles?? Yes, this isn’t a surprise that we have frogs in this update as a new mob. They also have tadpoles which can be carried in a bucket like axolotls and placed wherever you desire. Unlike other baby mobs which look like mini versions of the adults, Tadpoles are very different from frogs. They are abundantly found in the “Mangrove swamp biome”. 

Allayfrogs And Tadpole

There are some cool things you need to know about frogs they come in three variants: swampy, snowy, and tropical. All these variants have slight differences in their color as well. You can grow them as per your choice by placing tadpoles into either one of the biomes.

Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs also eat slime blocks and magma cubes; they give slimeballs and a new item “Froglight” upon eating them. As you all know slime balls can be used to craft various items like lead and pistons etc. Froglight is a glowing light like Glowstone and Sea lantern which comes in different colors that match the frog which created them.

To know more about frogs and tadpoles, how to breed, where to find them, and stuff related to these new mobs you can click here to watch this detailed guide on them.

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Deep Dark Biome

Minecraft Deep Dark Biome

This biome is a spooky and scary-looking biome with a boss “THE WARDEN’ waiting to devour us as soon as we reach there. This biome resides far too deep in the world and consists of “Sculk Shrieker” blocks which will produce a screech upon activation and applies a darkness effect on the players which will make you blind for 12 seconds!! Yeah, I know how hard it is to survive in this spooky-looking biome where you will be detected with the slightest vibration and then The Warden will come and hunt you down until he kills you.

In the Deep Dark biome, you will also stubble across “An Ancient City” structure at the center of the biome where you can find amazing loot crates and hidden secrets will are waiting for you to be explored. When an enemy dies nearby “Sculk Catalyst” converts close blocks to “Sculk Blocks” upon mining and provides a lot of “XP”.

The Warden

Warden is known to be one of the most aggressive mobs ever introduced in Minecraft. He belongs to the Deep Dark biome which is also introduced in this update alongside THE WARDEN. To explain his abilities, I will ask if you have watched A QUIET PLACE. If not no worries, The Warden is the first blind mob in Minecraft with sensing abilities relying on sound cues, vibrations, and smell to attack.

Warden in Minecraft

Being blind, Warden is very powerful when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He can kill you with only two hits upon wielding full nephrite armor with the shield. On the first hit, he will disable your shield and drop you down to half health. If you are thinking to play safe and deal with this monster from a distance, guess what… Warden possesses a sound wave called “Sonic Shriek” which can penetrate any block but deals less damage.

We have covered most of the new 1.19 Wild Update. If you want to know more about this new amazing update you can watch this video which will cover the 1.19 Update in more detail.

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