All You Need To Know About Allay | 1.19 Update (2022)

Minecraft recently released 1.19 Wild update in all the platforms where players are enjoying some new and exciting additions featured in this update. This update surely made some players return to the game by introducing new mobs, biomes, blocks and much more. 

Mojang also added “Allay” chosen by the community through the 2021 Minecraft hosted event where you can vote for something you want to see in the upcoming update, and through which “Allay” ranked the highest among nominees. 

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Minecraft Allay

Allay is a small, cute looking mob which collects items as per your desire. There are some interesting things about this new flying creature you need your hands on before diving into taming him. We have almost covered everything related to allay from what is Allay. To How it works and other curious queries about this new mob.

What is an Allay?

Allay image in Minecraft

In Minecraft Live 2021, Minecraft community was given the opportunity to choose a new mob for the next update, where “Allay” placed on top and introduced in the new 1.19 Wild Update. Well, we won’t be having copper golem in this update but seeing a cute mob is much better than a pile of metal moving around. Allay is a passive flaying mob, About a size of bees. 

He is a fairy looking blue creature who collects some items and their copies for you. Allay can fly to much greater heights and they aren’t related to any specific biome. Unlike other mobs ramming to each other and settling scores by killing each other, Allay is different in nature. Other hostile mobs will not be bothered or care about Allay. Allay’s interaction is only limited to players. 

There are following things Allay does:

  • To collect items for players.
  • Chooses a particular item and looks for duplicates.
  • Picks up nearby dropped items and return them back.
  • Besides dropped items, it also accepts items and start looking for copies.
  • It also picks up randomly thrown items.

Where Can You Find Allay?

Allays never spawn in the open in the Minecraft world. There are a number of ways from which you can find an allay. If you switch to creative mode, you can spawn an allay through an egg. But in survival you will find allay spawning naturally in the following places:

  • Pillager Outposts
  • Woodland Mansions

Pillager Outposts

Pillager outpost is an Illager structure situated around or near the mountains. It is one of the easiest places to get an allay. Pillager outpost is the base of villager’s biggest rivals. is the place where you can find iron golems and an additional allay also. 

Pillager outposts have wooden cage like structures where you can find multiple allays at a time. As we all know pillagers are annoying to deal with and these are hostile to players and villagers.

Pillager Outposts

Before raiding Pillager Outpost, you should get yourself prepared for a war as they will be attacking you on your rescue mission. 

Gathering some friends and loading yourself up with some enchantment will save your time in defeating and successfully freeing Allays. Allays will mostly roam around until it finds dropped items. 

There is a 50% chance of finding iron golem or an allay in the wooden structures called cages, they can be empty as well. When finding an allay you will notice the cage covered from the top which will indicate that allays are present in the cage.

Obtaining an allay from Pillager outpost is much easier than Woodland Mansion. As the cages are located at the edges of the outpost from where you can steal allays easily. 

There are number of biomes where you can find Pillager outposts:

  • Biomes having village
  • Stoney peaks
  • Frozen peaks
  • Jagged peaks
  • Grove
  • Snowy slopes
  • Sunflower plains (Bedrock only)
  • Snowy Taiga (Bedrock only)

You can find more about pillager outposts by watching this. In this video there is a detailed guide on how to raid pillager outposts and things you need to remember.

Woodlands Mansions

As the name suggests, Woodland mansion is a huge mansion-like structure having various rooms and multiple floors. In these rooms you can find several cobblestone cages having three allays in each.

Each floor can have up to three to four cages consisting of twelve allays in total. Along with allays you will be encountering a huge horde of mobs as Woodland mansion is home to hostile mobs like creepers, zombies, vindicators and much more.

Woodlands Mansions

Despite being in such a risk, the mansion offers you great loot and hidden treasures to compensate for your bravery. To open the cages, you must use the lever present outside the cages to free the Allays. With a number of rooms present in the mansion, you can rack a fair amount of allays for yourselves and friends. 

Don’t forget to look out for powerful mobs roaming around or it will be a waste of an effort. You can find a Woodland mansion in a dark forest biome.

To find more about Woodland Mansion you can visit here.

How To Tame Allays Using Noteblocks?

As we know how Allays usually work, by giving a copy or an item and it will bring duplicates of that item. But there is another way to make it work, through “Note Blocks”. note blocks play a vital role to make Allay useful in Minecraft farms. You can assign allay to a particular note block and it will gather duplicates around it. Playing a note block around an allay makes him attached to it for 30 seconds. After being attached to note block, allays drop items around note block instead of looking for players. Allays cannot stack non-stackable items so they drop the original one and start looking for possible duplicate.

  • First, you must craft a note block in Minecraft. You will be needing 8 wooden planks and one “redstone dust”. Place them in a crafting table in a way that the redstone dust is surrounded by wooden planks. Oak, spurce, birch, jungle, acacia, and dark wood planks could be used in this recipe.
How To Tame Allays Using Noteblocks
start finding copies from loaded chunks
  • Lastly, you need to play the note for making an allay stay and give them whatever you want copies of. It will drop duplicates around that note block. 
note for making an allay

Things You Need To Keep In Mind:

  • Allays can hear up to 15 blocks of distance. For large farms you will be needing two note blocks.
  • Multiple allays could be assigned to a single note block, but you must make it run continuously. You can make automatic note blocks by using redstone dust.

How To Make an Automatic Note Block?

You can easily create an automatic note block by using redstone circuits or clocks. You just must place redstone blocks in such a way that they let the music play continuously. 

There are few things you will need before making it work:

  • 8 Redstone dust
  • 6 Redstone repeater
  • 1 Note block 
  • 1 Lever

First, you must arrange the required items according to the pattern followed in the given image.

Redstone dust pattern to follow

Next step is to attach the lever and connect the circuit to the note block by using Redstone dust.

connecting the circuit to the note block by using Redstone dust

Activating the circuit with a lever and breaking it will make the circuit trapped in an infinite loop.

Activate the circuit

You can watch this video in which there are further instructions, regarding automatic note blocks.

How Can Allay Be Useful?

Portable Storage

A cluster of allays can be useful in collecting your pre owned items quickly after an explosion or you are caught off guard by mobs. Allay’s ability of stacking stuff, about 64 copies of a particular stackable item can come handy. 

You can use Allay as a portable storage of yours. Allay can also help you find any item you lost in an accident from loaded chunks by giving him a copy. Allays are very effective when it comes to sorting stuff and stacking them from the same area.

Finding Ores

Finding Ores

Nature Of Allays

We have already discussed Allay’s uses and spawning, let’s talk about its in-game mechanics and some basic properties.

Health Points (HP)

  • Allays don’t have a lot of HP compared to other mobs.
  • You can easily kill an Allay with merely two hits with Diamond sword and four hits with iron sword. They can also die from suffocating within the blocks. Drowning, burning could be the cause of death too. Of course, they are floating creatures, so they don’t receive any fall damage.
  • Allay has 20 health points in all the platforms. It can regenerate 2 HP every second.


  • Allays don’t get attacked by any mob.
  • They run away when they get attacked by a player. Allays don’t take damage while wielding an item. But you can kill it besides that.
  • Most hostile mobs don’t care about allay’s presence besides Warden and Wither.

Light Radiation From Allays?

  • Due to their unique color, they are easily located in any biome during the daytime.
  •  At night, allays emits light blue energy which is like torches but doesn’t light the surrounding area.
  • You can use this property of Allay to come up with innovative housing ideas.
Light Radiation From Allays

How Can We Use Allay in Farming?

Allay Uses in Farming

Now, you already know how to make an automatic note block system, you can use this system along with couple of allays and utilize them in the following automatic farms:

Sugarcane Farming

Sugarcane farming requires a redstone system. These farms don’t take much space and can be set up in a small area. To make this system work, first you must add observers that use pistons to break them. Pistons will only work when sugarcanes reach a certain height to be pushed away. Use an allay to pick all the dropped sugarcanes by assigning them to a note block with attached hooper to it. You can watch this video for a detailed explanation on sugarcane farming using allays.

Apple And Sapling Farm

Tree-based farms are relatively easy to set up and are simple to function. To start Apple and Sapling farm the first thing you need to do is assign two allays following the same method as mentioned above in note block mechanism. Plant several trees close to each other. Each allay will be collecting separate items from the trees and placing them into assigned note blocks with attached hooper. To understand this better we linked a video where you can follow the steps and make this farm come to reality.

Mob Dropping Farm

Mob dropping farms are common for XP gaining and gathering loot from different kinds of mob. In this type of farming, first you must use mob spawner placing them at height, leading them to death due to fall damage, this will drop loot and XP from them. You can later assign an allay to carry dropped loot and place it in the hooper or crate. You can use different mobs for different kinds of farming, spider spawners are effective among all.

Now you know almost everything about this cute fairy-like mob, how it works and from which you can save these helping allies from. To know more about Allay you can click here to watch a detailed guide on new mob allay.

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